Vinyl Shop Spotlight-Anthony's Music

I know what you're thinking, wasn't the last post I made about a place called "Anthony's Music"? Yes, that's correct. Actually, the Anthony from the previous post opened this "brick and morter" but later decided he enjoy's slinging vinyl at the flea market a lot more. So, the good news is this spot continued on with a new owner, Courtney, and he got that heat! The dollar bins were filled with rap and disco 12"s of which I took home a nice healthy stack. Lot's of soul, rap, and gospel Lp's lined the walls and most music related videos and documentaries can be found here too. Located in the town of Riverdale, Anthony's music is a must visit if you are in the Atlanta area. 

Courtney has a huge stash of cassettes from every genre of music and I found a lot of classic titles to add to my already huge tape collection.
My come-up.


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