Vintage Milwaukee Rap Article-Soul Underground

This was an article that was featured in a magazine out of the United Kingdom called Soul Underground which specialized in black music. This was from the May 1989 issue and details how Milwaukee rap was recognized as far away as Europe. 

Vinyl Shop Spotlight-Moods Music

Welcome to the world of Moods Music. I go way back with this spot, as far back as the mid-90's when they were across the street from their current location in a tiny little space with a few crates of vinyl crack. I've been a loyal customer ever since. Nestled in the "Little Five Point" section of Atlanta, this is one of my favorite spots to visit. These days they have exploded into a mecca of Black culture. They no doubt have the largest selection of Black Music on cd and dvd, books, greeting cards, art, and videos that I have ever seen under one roof. Their t-shirt selection is like no other, trust me, and nobody can touch the soul/neo rap/jazz mix cd selection. If you are ever in the Atlanta area, Moods Music is a must visit. You can thank me later.

Sunday Service Radio Show w/ Darrell D 12-17-17

I'm honored to be asked to spin on the Sunday Service Radio Show hosted by Dj Durok. Gonna rep that vinyl service to the fullest. This show has a really nice southside following and I'm glad to be a part of this movement.
Coming up this Sunday (12.17.17) . . . DJ Darrell D will be coming through to bless us for a special takeover edition of Sunday Service! Hands down Darrell is one of the most humble and true school DJ's I've met, can't wait to hear what tasty treats he brings through. He'll be rocking the all live, all vinyl set from 1-3 PM on 102.9 LPFM, live streaming on KDIF.ORG and on @kdif1029 . . . Don't sleep! 😴😴😴 . . . #darrelld #godmademefunky #durok #durokism #radio #radioshow #live #liveradio #communityradio #nonprofit #nonprofitradio #dj #djing #allvinyl #allvinylset #33rpm #45rpm #45s #dustyfingers

Post No Bills Sticker Art Show

I'll be droppin a ton of Breaks and some rap joints this Friday for the "Post No Bills" sticker art show at LuLu Bell toy bodega in Mesa. They'll be a ton of  artists and art lovers in the house. I love dj'ing art shows because there's always a lot of creative people to vibe with. This is going to be fun!

(The Concert From) The Show

Just like everybody else, when The Show, a rap documentary starring Craig Mack, Run-Dmc, Slick Rick, Wu-Tang Clan, Dogg Pound, among many others, was released in theatres, I was first in line and loved every minute of it. It was crazy seeing "super-group" the Wu-Tang Clan arguing among each other like regular people. Rap docs are plenty these days but this one was the one! Again, like many others, I always wanted to see more of the live performances. Well here's about 25 minutes of mayhem. This is my kinda show!

Vinyl Shop Spotlight-Anthony's Music

I know what you're thinking, wasn't the last post I made about a place called "Anthony's Music"? Yes, that's correct. Actually, the Anthony from the previous post opened this "brick and morter" but later decided he enjoy's slinging vinyl at the flea market a lot more. So, the good news is this spot continued on with a new owner, Courtney, and he got that heat! The dollar bins were filled with rap and disco 12"s of which I took home a nice healthy stack. Lot's of soul, rap, and gospel Lp's lined the walls and most music related videos and documentaries can be found here too. Located in the town of Riverdale, Anthony's music is a must visit if you are in the Atlanta area. 

Courtney has a huge stash of cassettes from every genre of music and I found a lot of classic titles to add to my already huge tape collection.
My come-up.


Vinyl Shop Spotlight - Anthony's Music & Videos

This is my main man Anthony. I've been buying records from this guy since the 90's when I would go to Atlanta to visit family a few times a year. Anthony runs his spot out of the Southside Discount Swap Meet. This is a true "digging" spot. You never know what you might find in this place because Anthony constantly buys collections. I picked up a nice stack of ATL random rap 12"s, some nice soul LP's, and a goldmine of mixtapes and I can't forget to mention a live concert on dvd of Maze f/ Frankie Beverly. I'm glad that after all these years, I can still find gems at this spot. Thanks Anthony!  




Diggers Delight-Transporter Vintage/Retro

My favorite part of Atlanta is "Little Five Points". This is a super cool area of small funky independent businesses. I almost walked by this incredible shop without seeing it and that would have been a crime. Welcome to Transporter! I try to make it a habit to check out the local toys shops whenever I'm out of town and let me tell you, this is one of the coolest shops I have ever visited. I was shocked at the collection of classic toys they had from my childhood. It was as if I was looking at my own collection(my collection is pretty impressive btw). Erik, the owner was mad cool and knows his stuff. Warning! This spot is for the professional collector and those who possess the ultimate amount of coolness and is a must visit if you are ever in the Atlanta area. You can thank me later.