Art Walk Nyc July 2017

New York is the mecca of street art. Every "nook and cranny" has creative expressions of those talented with metal cans filled with metal balls and liquid flavor. Here are a few pics of some pretty sick artwork I stumbled upon while exploring the streets of New York.


45 Party @ Rips

Come check me out while I smash these 45's with the homies Dj Melo and Akshen at Rips on 9-27-17!

Eye Candy-Sade

Let me just get straight to the point. Sade has some of the best security in the business. I have received an abundance of beatdowns from this elite group of soldiers. Why they pummeled me the way they did, I don't know. All I wanted to do was ask her for her hand in marriage, what's the big deal?! The point is, I just got out of the hospital again and i'll be back on solid foods within 6 weeks so that means that i'll be back at it again. Love cannot be stopped! Anyway, they don't make women like this anymore.

Tool Of War 2017 Park Jams Recap

It was business as usual at this years Tools Of War Crotona Park Jams. Hip Hop royalty was everywhere, lots of "out-of towners" and fans from other countries, and a massive sound system supplied by none other than the original Dj Jazzy Jay! I was at the July 20th & 27th shows. Here are some highlights.
I was ready for action. OK, Let's Go!
This is the woman who makes this all possible.
Thank You Christie Z!
Mike C & Rockin Rob

                                                                    Me & KK Rockwell
                                                                      (Double Trouble)
Mista Sinista
Dj Hollywood

T Ski Valley, Coke La Rock, Imperial JC

Easy AD & Rockin Rob

Dj Cheese

Jazzy Joyce
Soul Sonic Force

Spivy & Rockin Rob 

Red Alert
Dj BreakOut

Jazzy Jay

Joe Conzo

GrandMaster Caz

Looie Loo

T Ski Valley & J-Blast 

PopMaster Fabel

Pow Wow
Soul Sonic Force

Waterbed Kev, Coke La Rock,& The Twins

Tony Tone
Cold Crush Brothers

Kevie Kev
Fantastic Freaks

Mista Sinista

Thank You Christie Z!