Crates & Crusts Breaks and Rare Groove Party

Eye Candy-Chaka Khan

I've been chasin this honey-dip since the 80's. I even got chased off the block by Rufus a few times. He almost caught and beat me down back in 87' but I don't wanna talk about that. Anyway, they don't make women like this anymore.

Crates & Crust Vinyl Party Returns

Downlow Magazine-Rob Swift 1997

Back in 1996 Dj Rob Swift of the X-Men released his first Lp entitled "Soulful Fruit". His phone number and other contact info was listed on the back cover. I called and asked to interview him for a new hip-hop magazine I wrote for, and he agreed. We've been mad cool every since. Anyone who knows Rob well knows that he is a real laid-back,humble,down-to-earth,super nice guy. Here is another "sure-shot" blast from the past.