Funk Friday at Crates Records & Gear

I'm bringin them funk joints to Crates Records Friday night
 Funk party. Phoenix finally has a records store that's all about the culture. They also have a recording studio, barber shop, and art gallery. Nestled in Sunnyslope, come down and party with us.

Record Swap Meet @ Crates

I'm gonna be unloading some cool stuff at this show. Get there early and take home some black gold.
 Lot's of $3.00 rap 12"s. 


$5 rap magazines!
You never know what you might find! 
I'll also be selling some record boxes, rap posters, mixtapes, and t-shirts.

Goodbye Belle

Having a mixtape collection of about 2000 or so, it's clear to see that i'm a fan of cassettes. I love finding blank tapes even though I don't use them much these days. I recently found a real nice little batch of  different cassettes that looked like they came from someone's personal collection but I can't be sure. They sat around for months and I finally got around to looking through them. They included some rare rock live concert bootlegs, some rap stuff, some alternative and soft rock joints, and shockingly, some nyc dj mixtapes. Now for me, mixtapes have always been about dj's rocking 2 turntables and some rap, R & B, or House vinyl, but mixtapes in the "white" community often refer to a "mix" or "mixture" of songs opposed to an actual "blend" tape. Ok, cool. I pulled out one tape in particular to find this written on the inside of the j card.

I'm way too familiar with getting dumped on by chics in the past and couldn't help but feel this anonymous guys pain. Ok, I can't front, reading this kinda pissed me off. Yo Belle, unless this is a suicide note, you suck. Is this guy really supposed to think, "Oh, how nice! A "break-up" tape".  I'm sure you thought it was a good idea to send this guy off with a few "tunes" while you ride off into the sunset with your new hunk. If I ever see you Belle, I will not break if you are in the cross-walk.  

Just Another Day In NYC

July of 2016 I'm on my annual visit to New York City and I spend most of my time in the streets soaking up the ''Big Apple's" hip hop flavor. On this particular day I find myself heading to Bed-Stuy Brooklyn to hang out with my homegirl Giz. She's a super creative person splitting most of her time between slinging vintage clothing, dj'ing, acting, throwing fashion shows, and collecting all things funky.

 After taking me on a bike tour of  all of the coolest areas, she suggested we go hang out at this tiny juice bar where different Dj's are known to bring down some of their best vinyl pieces to spin. I'm like, "cool", I mean, who's gonna turn that down? We walk into this spot (sorry,I don't remember what it was called), on a beautiful sunny afternoon (yes,afternoon), to find none other then super producer Keith Shocklee (yes, of Public Enemy fame!), spinnin funk 45's. How crazy is that!

So after Keith is done with his set, Giz and I go out to the back padio and chill with a few drinks. Keith comes out and is chillin with a homeboy of his that Giz soon identifies as actor/comedian Steve White. Steve, for those not familiar with him, has been featured in such movies as Do The Right Thing, Coming To America, Clockers, and Malcolm X. Giz goes over to meet him while I stay and chill. Giz is super out-going and very well liked and it looks as if they hit it off pretty good. She soon comes back over to tell me that Steve is co-headlining a comedy show in Manhattan later and would like us to accompany him as his guests. Again I'm like "cool". As he drove us to the club he explained how Eddie Murphy helped him break into movies by giving him a small role in "Coming To America". Steve is a super-nice, down-to-earth guy and made us feel right at home. After we get to the club, he rocks his set and soon has to bounce out to Long Island for another show. We all say our good-byes and I head back to Harlem. Just another day in New York.

Keith, myself, Giz, & Steve

Thank You Pam the Funkstress!

I was never a super huge fan of The Coup but  I've always been a huge fan of Pam The Funkstress. I was first exposed to her on some of the early DMC battle videos. She had that ill flavor on the turntables. I've always wanted to see her live in action but every time The Coup came to Phoenix she was always absent. I was on the same bill for most of those shows, but no Pam.  Boots Riley, the frontman for The Coup, recently explained that Pam had a catering business that took up most of her time and rarely allowed her to tour. It was also impressive that Pam had later become the tour Dj for Prince just before his murder, even renaming her "Purple Pam". How cool is that?! I will miss you and hope to see you during much better times. Thank You Pam!