Smif-N-Wessun Black Moon Live Queensbridge Park 2016 Pt.2

Part 2 of the exciting free concert that took place at Queenbridge Park in 2016.

Thank You Dr. Jeckyll!

Andre Harrell. Your roots in music are deep. Most know you from being the founder of Uptown Records where you signed Mary J. Blige, Jodeci, & Father MC and employed a young Sean "Puffy" Combs. You are well known for serving as the president/CEO of Motown Records. But I know you as being one half of the rap group Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde. "Genius Rap" was my introduction to your group and remains one of my favorite rap songs to this day. It was that record that actually saved Profile Records being that they were about to go under. Profile was only doing disco records before you guys came along. It was cool seeing your group in the movie Krush Groove a few years later and a few years after that seeing your possee cut "Uptown Is Kickin It" video on B.E.T. which introduced the world to Heavy D. Several years later in 2010 at the Rock The Bells concert in New York, imagine my shock when I saw you walking through the crowd towards me! I geeked out a little telling how much of a fan I was. That was a cool experience.  Only recently did I discover that your partner Mr. Hyde and yourself have continued to be business partners for decades and even broke into Hollywood. I was shocked to hear that you are no longer with us. Thank you for all of the memories. Thank You Dr. Jeckyll!



Mixtape Spotlight - Tony Touch 5 Deadly Venoms Of Brooklyn

This is my favorite mixtape of all time. I bought this at Just Dance Records on University Dr in Tempe Arizona in 1998. Everything about this tape is what I love about rap music and Dj'ing. There were a lot of firsts for me because of this tape,  the first time I heard the Busy Bee VS. Kool Moe Dee battle, the first time I heard (intro beat) the "Tried By 12" by The East Flatbush Project, the first time I heard Evil Dee outside of Blackmoon, & the first time I heard "live" rap performances on a mixtape, thanks Premier.  Plus, look at the superstar dj line-up! I'm not sure if something like this has ever been done since but this classic stands firm even today in 2020. What's your favorite mix tape? 

Mixed By The Lizard aka P.F. Cuttin':
1.P.F. Cuttin' – "5 Deadly Venoms Of Brooklyn - Intro"
2.Verbal Hoods – "I'll Be Damned"
3.Dr. Dre & B-Real – "Puppet Master"
4.Breez Evahflowin' – "Forsaken"
5.Busta Rhymes & Q-Tip – "Wild Hot"
6.Camp Lo – "Say Word"
7.The Dutchmin' – "Surrounded"
8.Powerule – "Bright Lights, Big City"

Mixed By The Toad aka Mister Cee:
1.Zhané Р"Request Line (Mister Cee Blend)"
2.KRS-One – "Raptures Delight"
3.Yvette Michele – "Not Feelin' You (Mister Cee Blend)"
4.The Veterans – "The Medicine"
5.Notorious B.I.G. – "Hypnotize"
6.Frankie Cutlass, Kool G Rap, Mobb Deep & M.O.P. – "Know The Game"
7.Mobb Deep – "Young Luv"

Mixed By The Snake aka Tony Touch:
1.Tony Touch – "Deadly Freestyle"
2.Steele Kat One & Lil' Noc – "Freestyle"
3.Freddie Foxxx – "Freestyle"
4.Sunz Of Man & Makeeba – "Freestyle"
5.Guru – "Freestyle"
6.Channel Live & Benny Boom – "Freestyle"
7.Jeru The Damaja & Lil' Dap – "Freestyle"

Mixed By The Scorpion aka DJ Premier:
1.Grand Wizard Theodore & Kevie Kev Rockwell – "Military Cut"
2.Busy Bee vs. Kool Moe Dee – "Live At The Harlem World"
3.Double Trouble – "Live At The Amphitheater L.E.S."
4.The Cold Crush Brothers – "It's Us"
5.T La Rock – "It's Yours"
6.LL Cool J – "I Need A Beat (Jazzy Mix 1984)"
7.Malcolm McLaren & The World's Famous Supreme Team – "Buffalo Gals"
8.MC Lyte – "I Cram To Understand"
9.Divine Force Crew – "Holy War"
10.DJ Premier – "Ending Interlude"

Mixed By The Centipede aka Evil Dee:
1.Black Skavengers – "Poison Pill"
2.Jeru the Damaja – "Me Or The Papes"
3.M.O.P. – "Downtown Swinga"
4.Krumb Snatcha – "Gettin' Closer To God"
5.Shamus & Flu – "Tight Team"
6.AK Skills – "East To West"

7.Shadez Of Brooklyn – "Calm Under Pressure"

Missing My Brother : Phillip Colas a.k.a. Professor Pitt

I don't even know where to start. Phillip Colas a.k.a. Professor Pitt and I go back to the early 90's. With him being an emcee and me being a dj, it was inevitable that we crossed paths in the streets of Milwaukee. By the mid 90's I had a dj related show on public access. Pitt would eventually start his own show, "Mental Fitness Zone Otha Level Pitt", after failed attempts to deliver a decent performance on other rap related shows on the local public access channel. Together we would bum-rush our way into the backstages of major tours and concerts looking for new footage. Pitt would concentrate on interviewing the MC's while I would target the DJ's. Pitt, occasionally with my help, would go on to interview some of the biggest acts in rap music for his show like Boogie Down Productions, Wu-Tang Clan, Jungle Brothers, Brand New Heavies, Hieroglyphics, Da Brat, Whodini, The Roots, George Clinton, & Cypress Hill to name a few. Quite often I was behind the camera while Pitt "did his thang".  Pitt was also a fan of martial arts and was quite the martial artist himself. That artform paired with his T.V show lead to him filming his first, or should I say "the first", hip-hop/martial arts movie, "Birth Of The Holy Dynasty".

In 1998 I moved from Milwaukee to Phoenix and Pitt moved to Oakland. We kept in touch and he often told me how exciting California was. He would tell me about hanging out with the Hieroglyphics crew and attending & performing at different rap shows around Oakland. He soon began filming his second hip-hop kung-fu movie simply titled, "Hip Hop Kung Fu".


The last time I spoke with Pitt was around 2012. He was married and living in Los Angeles and his new passion had become playing the Harp. By then, he was going under the name of Phillip King. He told me that he traveled all around the city sharing his music with everyone who would listen. We were supposed to meet up on my next trip to L.A. but sadly it never happened. I soon lost contact with him after that. As years passed, I often tried to re-connect with Pitt but could never catch up with him.

Pitt was the true definition of "free spirit". He was always on the move doing something creative. He was loved by many and known by many more. I simply cannot believe he is gone. I will miss you my brother and will always cherish our creative bond and common love for hip hop culture. 


Smif-N-Wessun Black Moon Live Queensbridge Park 2016 Pt.1

New York City is known for the incredible free shows and concerts throughout the park system each summer and 2016 was no exception. The line-up included Smif-N-Wessun and Black Moon but there were appearances from the entire Boot Camp Clik. Here's part 1 of that exciting July evening.

Darrell D's Top 10 Rap Videos

These are some heavy songs but this list is not so much about the songs, it's all about the visuals. These videos all caught me in some memorable fashion and left a permanent impression on my brain. Once viewed, you will never forget them, well I won't, but don't take my word for it. You be the judge.

Quasimoto "C'mon Feet"

All talent aside, Madlib is a weird dude. He's had some weird ideas & he's done some weird music. A record buddy of mine gave me the 12" of this song and when I listened to it I was like,"Huh?! What tha crap is this??" I later came across the video purely by accident and it's something right out of a nightmare. I'm still not sure why I love it. See for yourself.

Del "Catch A Bad One"

Is there a better description of a real MC then Del in front of a microphone rapping non-stop? I don't think so. 


Dilated Peoples  "Worst Comes To Worst"

What can I say, this video had more guest appearances than a family reunion. Dope song, crazy track, & some of the greatest MC's on the planet on and off the mic! That was one party I wish I had been invited to!

DJ Muggs, MF Doom, & Freddie Gibbs "Death Wish"

Super dark old school animation. Aggressive Black Power & revenge. We need more of this, now.


Xzibit  "What U See Is What U Get"

Now this is one of the illest videos ever made and most definitely the best rap video of 1998. A simple trip to the store turns into an all-out adventure based right out of a Hollywood movie. Edited to look like it was all done in one take reminds you of a scene out of "Die Hard" meets "The Show". With appearances from Mad Lion, Flavor Flav, Tha Alkaholiks, Ras Kass, & King Tee, this could arguably be the greatest rap video ever.  


Arrested Development  "Tennessee"

This was the HUGE jam from 1991 from this afrocentric group out of Atlanta. I was heavy into the afrocentric movement and this song and video made me feel proud to be black! Speech and I both being from Milwaukee was another reason this song has a big impact on me and it was also huge in the clubs. The lyrics describe a letter from Speech to God about the lost of his brother and grandmother. This record usually never leaves my crate.


De La Soul  "Baby Phat"

Wanna see The Most Beautifulliest thing In The World? Well look no further! De La has answered every mans dream(at least most of the men I know). I once went to a party in San Diego that was for lovers of women with that "Baby Phat" and this video captures the essence of that gorgeous night! Don't believe me? See for yourself.


Grandmaster Flash  "Style"

One of my favorite rap groups of all time came with such a high energy video for 1986. I was heavy into drawing graffiti, Beat Street was in heavy rotation on the VCR and Grandmaster Flash was still ruling the world. The visuals in this video gave any rap fan a clear view of what the streets of New York were like back in the 80's. Plus Grandmaster Flash on 3 turntables?! C'mon Son!


RUN-DMC  "Run's House"

I'm the biggest RUN-DMC fan ever and Raising Hell was the biggest Lp they released. "Run's House", the first single was truly "Hard Rock/ Hard Hitting/ Hip Hop/ Hardcore" and again, this was a visual trip throughout New York City. This same year brought about the "Raising Hell Tour" which also featured Whodini, Beastie Boys, and L.L. Cool J. You can check that out here

Souls Of Mischief  "93 Til Infinity"

It's hard to describe how explosive this song was when it was released. I really think this was the record that put the Hieroglyphics on the rap map. What's not hard to describe is how beautiful the scenery is in this video. Think about it, a bunch of guys from East Oakland spittin rhymes out in the beautiful mountainous regions, beaches, and lakes of California. I loved this video the very first time I saw it and it has remained my favorite rap video of all time.


Milwaukee Gets The Royal Treatment From Public Enemy & Friends

As I began to put this post together I noticed that there was no name to this all-star rap tour on my ticket stub from the show. Some internet research uncovered that the big tour that P.E. did in 1991, the year in question, was titled the "Bring The Noise" tour which featured Anthrax & Primus. This was not the tour that hit Milwaukee and definitely not the show I attended. Upon further inspection I found out that the Milwaukee show was not actually a part of the "Bring The Noise" tour and actually took place after that tour was over.  So, instead of a few rock groups, the Milwaukee line-up went a lil somethin like this:

Henry G & Evil E

Pretty cool huh? How or why we (those of us in Milwaukee at the time) were so lucky to get such a great show & line-up eludes me. In fact, the only other city that year that had a similar line-up was Worcester, MA (Dec 22nd 1991) which consisted of P.E., A Tribe Called Quest, Naughty By Nature, Geto Boys, Kid N Play, Queen Latifah, D.J. Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince, Oaktown 357, & Leaders Of The New School,   dig that.    
Many tours back in the 80's did not have a headliner because most rap groups were pretty evenly yoked in terms of talent, radio play, & record sales or in other words, rap was HUGE and fans like myself couldn't get enough. This show was explosive to say the least. They don't make tours like this anymore.