Raps Greatest Top 3 featuring Chino D

I met Chino D soon after I moved to Phoenix in late 1998. We been tight every since. This Zulu King, MC, producer, B-Boy, & car hustler hails from the Bronx and has rocked the stage with me many MANY times. Chino and I share a love for New York rap from the 80's so it was only right that I check for his top 3 rap songs of all time.

In no particular order and too many to smash 3 but here ya go. 

Games People Play - Sweet G

This record was just so fresh at the time it came out with the verses as well as the hook. Still relevant today, actually saw Sweet G perform this at EZ Skates in Da Bronx...... Man till this day it reminds me of summertimes in New York. 

Adventures Of Super Rhyme - Jimmy Spicer

One of the greatest story telling songs ever to this day. The cadence, patterns and styles were flawless on this joint right here. Took the A and B side to do the whole song lol. Definitely timeless again. And if I’m not mistaken (and I could be, but I also believe Jimmy was part latino).

On The Radio - Crash Crew

I know I keep going back to the 80’s but MAN that was/is one of my favorite eras... I was THERE for this era. Anyway “On The Radio” has that dope sample and “Crash Crew” was dope at exchanging flows, harmonizing etc (Cold Crush Brothers definitely had a huge influence). This is another one of those reminiscent songs of New York summers. Everybody’s Boom Boxes were ROCKING this at the parks while us B-Boys got down to it. 

Goin Fo Broke Reunion Recap

Yeah, we had a good time.

Raps Greatest Top 3 featuring - DN3

My mellow man DN3 is that guy that everyone wants to get to know. This down to earth Dj/Producer/Radio Personality who hails form Philly had made his mark on the scene here in Phoenix and has been knee deep in this rap thing for awhile so you know I had to hit him up for his top 3 rap songs of all time. Pay attention cause this list is serious. Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

I can't even come up with my favorite 3 ALBUMS let alone songs haha. But, I'll take a crack at a few... In no particular order.

1. Public Enemy - Rebel Without Pause

Probably the biggest and hardest song of 1988 if not the biggest song of the first golden era. PE came with the force, precision, and noisy but methodical production. Long before The Wu, NWA, or anything Hip Hop branded that swept the world by storm, there was PE.  Chuck's in your face voice, raw and black empowering lyrics stating that we as a people and culture are here to stay. Flav's adlibs was the perfect compliment.  This was back when "real Hip Hop" topped the charts and was played on daytime radio. 

2. The Roots - Act Too (Love Of My Life) 

The unofficial sequel to Common's super conceptual I Used To Love H.E.R. How else would I express my love for Hip Hop like she was my main lady? The track was a perfect metaphor just like Common's original. But, that beat?? Sheesh!...the Rhodes and strings after common's echoed last words "Hip-Hop, Hip-Hop, Hip-Hop..." Black Thought, (favorite emcee) and Common came with it. They made me feel every word.  Love.

3. Eric B and Rakim - Microphone Fiend

The god just straight finessed that track with no hook and an immaculate flow. It was so memorable, so poetic, so liquid.... No games, no gimmicks, no tricks. Ingrained into my memory like a tattoo. 

Goin Fo Broke Reunion!

It's been 14 years since we performed together. We're gonna play all the old joints a maybe a few new ones.  This is going to be fun!

Eye Candy - Amara La Negra

Not gonna lie to you. I never heard of this chic until recently. This Afro-Latina is going to be my future wife rather she likes it or not. I see a lot of stalking in her immediate future. What can I say, sometimes No just means Not Right Now. This deep chocolate queen loves me, she just doesn't know it yet. I'm coming for you Amara. If you see some guy getting the crap beat out of him by your security, don't trip, it's just me. See you soon baby.

Raps Greatest Top 3 featuring - Dwight Spence

Back in 2016 I did a post about my top 3 favorite rap songs of all time and why.(You can check it out here.)   I decided I wanted to take this a bit further by asking a select group of individuals who I consider to be deeply rooted in rap music culture the same question.

First up is Dwight Spence. This brother has been a connoisseur of rap music from the very beginning. I've had the pleasure of seeing a small portion of his massive collection and let me tell you, it's very impressive. Hailing from North Carolina while residing in the Bronx, Dwight took some time out of his busy schedule to share his top 3 rap songs of all time.

1-SugarHill Gang (Rapper’s Delight)
                                A few things about this Legendary record is the beat got me up out my seat and dancing. Then the Rhyme got me going "how can you not try to remember the lines to this song". Also it was one of my first rap records I ran out to the store to buy. I still have that original record. It is going Nowhere. It's still clean with no scratches on it at all. I will treasure this record forever. No matter where I am, when I hear this song playing I will stop what I am doing and sing along and dance, I love it. I know this song line for line.
                                The biggest surprise to me was I never heard GRANDMASTER CAZ (original version) until a couple of years later on his CD. Now this has to make you really think how did one man pull off the version by himself compared to three guys breaking it down Lol.

2-Jimmy Spicer (Adventure of Super Rhyme)
                             This record right here is another Gem I have in my original collection of music I still have. Clean with no scratches on it at all. It's an unbelievable long record with a great vision of this guy. He had to have been dreaming in his sleep with this record in his head, and just jumped up and started writing it down on paper. Man this song has me wishing I had the real asset to some of the things he was rhyming, and was that GENIE.
        Too bad we don’t hear it on the radio the way they rocked (rappers delight) Lol.

3-Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five (The Message)
                             This record right here was Master Minds at work putting in hard work on this legendary track with Grandmaster Flash doing his thing on the 1&2. These cats live in this Era and it was indeed a very important Era and Message to the whole world. These guys lived inside of each rhyme they laid down was deep in the game. When they did this, they were ahead of the game. It is very much alive and true today still, they laid down the GROUND work. They were talking about something big. They Blessed the game big time.

My Wild Style Journey

"I was a fan before I was the man."-Dj Scratch

I've always enjoyed meeting artists that I admire from Hip Hop and when possible requesting an autograph from those artists to capture the moment.  I've collected quite a few autographs over the years and wanted to share one of my favorite signed album covers with you. I've taken this Wild Style Lp all over the country with me to collect as many signatures from those that appeared in the movie. Most of these signatures took place in New York with some from Las Vegas, Phoenix, L.A. San Diego, and Boston.

Signatures include:

Grandmaster Caz
Kool Dj Aj
Grandmixer D. ST.
Jazzy Jay
K.K. Rockwell
Busy Bee
Mean Jean
Popmaster Fabel
Fab 5 Freddy
Tony Tone 
Crazy Legs
Grandwizard Theodore
Melle Mel
Eazy A.D.

In 2016 I decided to leave this record behind in Phoenix while I traveled to New York, (something I NEVER do), thinking what were my chances of meeting someone I could add to it. So i'm in the Bronx at the Tools Of War Crotona Park Jams and I run into this guy…..

Charlie Ahearn

DOH! (Homer Simpson voice)

The journey continues……..