And It Don't Stop!

Finally got a chance to hang with my vinyl gang homies and listen to some cool records. Now that summer is almost over it's time to hit them diggin spots with these guys and pull some black gold. Cali, Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta, Bay Area, here we come!  Big Up's to M.Fasis, Drunk Jeff, & Tige Fresh, 3 of the illest dj's & vinyl collectors in the west.  The digging never stop.  

Until next time....

Eye Candy - Patrice Rushen

I have always had a crush on Patrice. While she's most known for her funk & R&B hits, it was amazing to discover her early jazz instrumental albums.  Her "around the way girl" flavor had me hooked from day one and I mentioned this to her through my many love letters.  She never responded. And as time went on and on, she never responded to any of my marriage proposals. No worries, I will not rest until she is Mrs. Darrell D!

3 The Hard Way!


Black Power, Black Unity, Black Love - The Mixtape

My contribution to these current events in music form. Cassette release only. Compiled by Darrell D.  Free to conscious minded individuals who still own a walkman. While supplies last! Hollar.

1997 Downlow Magazine Dj Battle-Milwaukee

Back in the mid-90's I had an idea to open a record store/coffee shop. I didn't have the money to do so but it turns out there were a few younger guys from the neighborhood who did. They called it "Your Mother's House" and it was on the east side of Milwaukee. It was a cool spot to pick up all the latest rap 12"s, mixtapes, needles, and of course coffee.  I was cool with the owners and told them I had an idea to throw a dj battle which would bring a lot of traffic to the store. They partnered with Downlow Magazine, a street mag I wrote for at the time, and jumped on board and told me they would pay for anything I needed to make it happen.  After picking out 3 plaques at the trophy shop, I remembered thinking, "I'm taking this first place plaque home with me after the battle".  That almost didn't happen because there were some ill dj's in that battle and a few that weren't. To explain, i've battled or have seen battles with these other Milwaukee dj's and the competition was steep. Not featured on the flier was Dj Toxic T who was super raw and actually pulled out a BMX bike at the end of his set and actually scratched with the front tire. Crazy! Also, Dj Nu-Stylz was supposed to battle but for some reason pulled out at the last minute. Nu-Styles was super raw as well and there was a good chance I would have lost to him. Another dj, who i'm not sure why he was not in the battle was Dj N.K. from Kenosha.  He was probably the illest battle dj in Wisconsin at the time and there's no way I would have beat him, he was just too good. I guess I got lucky that night. Good memories and good times.

I never got around to having my name engraved on the first place plaque. One of these days…...