Dj Melo Live @ Jobot

AZ 45 King Dj Melo is doin his thang at Jobot Coffee Shop where he does a weekly all vinyl 45 night. Check out this short clip of him rockin the 7" test pressings of Sputnik Brown "U Havin Fun Yet?" single. You can buy the single here.

Eye Candy-Pam Grier Pt.2

All Hail Ms. Brown Sugar herself! Still trying to get at this Queen. Somebody help me out!

Dj Dre Mayes Rockin Sputnik Brown "U Havin Fun Yet?"

Yonkers own Dj Dre Mayes rocks the 7" test pressings of Sputniks Brown's "U Havin Fun Yet?"

STEEBEE'S PO BOX The Darrell D. Special

World's famous vlogger Steebee Weebee has a series called Steebee's PO Box where he opens packages that are sent in from his many fans and admirers. Perhaps he received one or two from yours truly.

Fresh G, Rock Dee, Chuck Chillout 1987 Milwaukee

These were the good old days right here! The best mixers come from Milwaukee and this is how we use to party. Lots of Milwaukee Dj royalty on the stage that night in 1987. Man, I miss those days.

D.I.T.(VHS VIDEO)C.-LL Cool J on the Beat Box

Diggin In The VHS Video Crates:

I recorded this in 1988. LL in rare form displays his beat boxing skills. This was LL when he was still raw and arrogant. I miss this LL.

Monday's Are My Friday's

Once again it's on!