Recent Digs! Amazing Spiderman #1!

Score! Never did I think that this mag would ever be a part of my collection. This isn't the kind of book you have the luck of finding at the local Goodwill or in a box at the flea market. This story is a bit more interesting. My sister, who lives in Georgia, calls me one day to tell me about an incident that happened at her friends newly purchased house. It wasn't a "new" house, just new to her friend. During the home inspection, a leak in the kitchen ceiling was discovered and after a few more weeks the ceiling fell and a number of contents fell with it. There was an antique silver coffee pot collection, some old Tupperware, several old postal mail bags, and about a dozen old comic books including this rare gem!

It's a little beat-up and I'm not sure what the value is on it at the moment but I plan on adding it to my already large comic book collection. I guess dreams do come true!

Crates 2nd Record Swap Meet

I'll be slingin black crack this Saturday. Trust me, you'll want to be here.

Dj Invaders Championship 1999

When I first moved to Phoenix back in 98, this was one of the first shows I threw. Me being a Dj myself and a former battle Dj, this just made since. Performing in this battle were some of the top Dj's in Arizona at the time and we held it at this cool little coffee shop that doubled as a music venue in Tempe. Most of these dj's went on to make some big moves and created some serious names for themselves and I'm glad to have witnessed them early on.    

Phoenix Bike Co. Swap Meet Recap

I've never done a bike show before but all I have to say is I can't wait to do it again! This show was non-stop energy and I want to thank James and Wuan from Phoenix Bike Company for inviting me to this special event and also Todd and Serg form Crates Records for letting me rock on their stage. 




Photos courtesy of Tianne Pitz!

The Together Brothers Are Back

Another funky flier from the birthplace of hip-hop. I bought this from a fellow collector a few years back and had to have it because my name is on it,(sort of...). I'm not sure what year this is from but I'm guessing early 80's. I love the raw amateur(ish) style of these old fliers and it's easy to see why they are sought after by so many. Not sure what type of value this one has but I guess it doesn't really matter because I don't plan on parting with it. 

Funk Friday at Crates Records & Gear

I'm bringin them funk joints to Crates Records Friday night
 Funk party. Phoenix finally has a records store that's all about the culture. They also have a recording studio, barber shop, and art gallery. Nestled in Sunnyslope, come down and party with us.