Red Beans and Rice Vol.2-Audio Vibes

I used to love searching youtube for videos about record collecting. I could watch them for hours, but there was never "hours" of anything to watch, so we decided to do an hour long video of our own. This was the second volume of this series that we released in 2012. No special effects, just good ol' fashioned record digging. Thanks to Paco ( for the artwork.


Thank You Prodigy-Mobb Deep

Man this hurts. I keep thinking about how Prodigy may have kissed his wife and kids before leaving for work, never to come home again. I have a deep love for family and my condolences go out to the Johnson family. May Jehovah God comfort you, Rev. 21:3-4. I never got to see Mobb Deep live in concert but I've rocked all of their records at the jams. I remember being the first one in Phoenix with the "Shook Ones" 45 (pictured below). Thank You Prodigy!

"Y.B.E."-My favorite Prodigy song.

Thank You Educated Rapper-UTFO

In 1986 I bought my first record from a vinyl shop in Milwaukee called Rent-A-Record that was on Fond Du Lac & Capitol. That record was the self titled first release from U.T.F.O.  My favorite song was "Leader Of The Pack" and the video was in heavy rotation on B.E.T.  Sadly,I never got a chance to see them perform live or meet the Educated Rapper. Nontheless,I still own all of their albums & singles and am deeply saddened by this loss. Thank You EMD!

Diggers Delight-Generation Cool

Generation Cool is a mix of  pop culture, hip-hop culture, and sports culture. Of course it was the toys and hip-hop that drew me in. This place is a goldmine for collectors and fans of vintage street wear. I am not easily impressed by your average dime-a-dozen pop-up shops, but trust me, this place is a force to be reckoned with.  Need some rare sneakers? What about a vintage Raiders Started jacket? Been looking for that 6 Million Dollar Man action figure or maybe that rare Public Enemy concert tee? How about a leather Gucci hat and matching fat gold chain?... NO PROBLEM. Generation Cool reminds me of those classic hip-hop shops of the 80' & 90's. This spot is a must to visit if you are in the Tucson area. You can thank me later.