I remember the days when rap concerts were all quality big name acts and held in arenas that hold a mininum of 15-20,000 people. This was one of those shows and pictured above is my original ticket stub(I always wrote the acts on the front so i would remember what show it was for). To this day you don't see tours of that caliber. This was the only time I got to see the entire Boogie Down Productions crew and i'm talking Scott La Rock,D-Nice, & Ms. Melody too. Kool Moe Dee appeared from a capsule full of smoke and out-danced everyone on the tour execpt Doug E Fresh,who by the way showed everyone at that Milwaukee show why he is indeed the "Greatest Entertainer". Ice-T performing "colors" from the top of an LAPD cop car was crazy! Ice, with the help of the entire Rhyme Syndicate, murdered that show. Biz was wearing a button-up shirt,shorts,dress shoes & dress socks. That was a weird look for a rap show but Biz and Cool V killed it as usual. Eric B & Rakim went on last and their intro had to be the most impressive as Rakim appeared out of nowhere from a huge spinning chair. What was also cool was they performed in the very Dapper Dan Gucci sweat suits pictured on their FOLLOW THE LEADER album cover(Fat gold chains and all!).  Believe it or not but this was the "norm" for rap shows back then. I miss those days.

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