Crate Diggers Record Show 11-11-17

I'm dropping a set here along with some other great Phoenix Dj's and will be hanging out later at the afterparty with BreakBeat Lou and Kenny Dope. Stop through and get that vinyl hook-up.

Record Fair local DJ's:
Johnny D
Djentrification (602'sdays)
Jah Smeez (Ital Plate)
Jake Stellarwell (Grand Affair)
DJ Melo
Santos (Yoruba Records)
De La (Musical Pleasures)
Bigg Donn (The Hostel)
Stoneypie (Astroplane)
Jules Quimby (Fluffmymurder)
Darrell D (God Made Me Funky)
BoogieNite (Urban Legendz)