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Special Dedications (Songs about Girls)
We've all done it. You know,heard that song on a record that described a past love and everytime you hear it you're reminded of why things did not work out? I've definitely had my share of women and the experiences that came with them. Songwriters have always had a knack for "sharing" their experiences of love lost on vinyl. And as the music consumer we gaze in amazement at the striking resemblance to our own experiences. At times an entire song would move one to think the song had been written about them. Sometimes it's just a few lines in a song and yet other times it's merely a song title alone. In my case,all 3 have applied at different times. Here's a few songs about a few girls i've been invloved with over the years. Enjoy,and remember,this will make a lot more since if you listen to each record.    


We met in high school. You were georgous and very sexy. A Nubian Goddess. We dated for a few months before you decided to politely end things. I didn't take it personal cause you were a sweet person. I guess the timing was not right for you. Years later the opportunity presented itself again with us but this time the timing was off for me. Never fails right? In some ways we drove each other crazy. But some things made us perfect for each other. Like the fact that we both wanted the exact same things in life and had the same outlook on the future. Why oh why couldn't things have worked out with us?!  Maybe another time,another place,maybe another life. I am happy to say that to this day you are one of my closest friends and i love you dearly. Crystal, the song i have picked for you is.... ERYKAH BADU-"NEXT LIFETIME"   


We were very young and took lots of risks to be with each other. Then,one day you just disappeared. no calls,no visits,nothing. I waited next to the phone for a year. It took me that long to get over you. I later found out that your father was sexually abusing you and you took it out on me. I heard your mother was a bit crazy too. I surely thought you'd be my wife. Some years and a baby later(yours) we re-connected. You wanted to be with me again but it was far too late. You broke my heart and there was no going back. I still think about you often though. Here you go. MINT CONDITION-"BREAKIN MY HEART"           

Every word that ever came out of your mouth was a lie. I'll admit it,i was desperate when it came to you. I later found out you were a criminal. Car theft,bad checks,fraud,shoplifting. For years i wanted to run you over with my car. I wouldn't be surprised if you were dead right now. JOHNNY CASH-"HURT" 

I met you right after i moved to the west coast. You and your family had just moved out west from indiana and were struggling financially. You were the first "older woman" i was involved with and i've been sprung every since. I spotted you a mile away with that sexy body of yours. Your mother-in-law hated you and when you guys decided to move back she sent bus tickets for her son and two grandkids but nothing for you. You needed a friend after your husband took the children and left you to fend for yourself. I wished i could have helped you more but i was so broke in those days. It broke my heart when you told me you were going to hitchhike back to indiana. I cried after i dropped you off at a truck-stop. For you it's HAROLD MELVIN AND THE BLUENOTES-"I MISS YOU"      

You were my first booty-call. When i realized you wanted to get down with me i wasted no time. I loved the way you use to call me to come over and help you "relieve some stress". You were nasty in bed and aimed to please, plus you had all of those curves a man needs. You would have been a great girlfriend but i just wasn't attracted to you other than sexually. I know that might sound mean but i'm being honest. You moved away and i never bothered to keep in touch. I wish you well. Your song is.....S.O.S. BAND-"WEEKEND GIRL"   

You were the type of chic i would usually stay far away from. Too young, broke, unemployed, kids (yeah i said it). I guess it was your smile and the fact that you looked like a video vixen that drew me in. You could have been my African Queen but you blew that. You really had nothing going for yourself although you were in school. You were so nice and sweet to me in the beginning, then you changed.  I still can't believe the way you just disappeared on me. One day everythings great,the next day you don't know me from a can of paint. I cried every morning and night for weeks. Then you pop back into the picture months later when you want me to take you shopping? Are you serious?!  What part of the game is that?? You really thought i would spend money on you after what you put me through? I guess you were telling the truth when you told me you were crazy. I'd bet you're still on welfare. This song is perfect for you. MUSIQ SOULCHILD "HALFCRAZY"         

You were the one that got away. The first time i ever saw you i was sprung. You were an irish red-headed version of Pam Grier. I must have asked you out 10 times. You always said yes but half the time you stood me up. Just when i thought i had you, you moved back to Seattle. Damn!  PHARCYDE "PASSIN ME BY"  


I'm going to keep this short and sweet since this is still much too painful to talk about. I thought you were my dream girl. Turns out you were satan himself. You're lucky i didn't kill you with my bare hands.   EMINEM-"KIM"    

We worked together for a short time and became somewhat close. You later told me that you had always been attracted to me but we were both in relationships. After our relationships ended you stopped by for a friendly visit and we ended up in my bed. You were a 10,a dime piece for real!  You were a mix of native american/mexican/& white. Hazel eyes,sexy lips,long black hair. You were also the craziest nut-job i've ever been involved with. I had to call the cops on you twice. I wanted to put my hands on you soooo bad. You got lucky. You later told me that you were a coke head. Figures. I played myself keeping you around so long(yep,the sex was THAT good). My relationship with you was love/hate at best. I hope you're doing better. Your song is PRINCE-"I HATE U"

You were a kind beautiful person. I was so full of anger and hurt when we met that night. I wanted to treat women the way i had been treated by them. You did not deserve that. I had no idea i would hurt you the way i did. I'm ashamed at my behavior back then and it still hurts me to think about it today. I'd kiss your feet to show you how sorry i am if i could. To this day you remain one of the kindest,warmest people i know. Please accept my apology. FLOETRY-"MY APOLOGY"

You were in the same circle of people as Danielle. I always thought you were sexy. I guess you're one of the few former strippers who kept her great shape. You could be a very weird chic at times. And very selfish. You wanted 100% of me but that wasn't possible because i was still hurting over Danielle. My pain never stopped me from catering to you though. Remember all the help and support i gave you? All the money i spent on you? All the labor? I should have never been invloved with you in the first place. When you fell on financial hard-times you asked me to buy your house and rent it to you with the plans of you buying it back in a few years. What a fool i was for believing you. I didn't know you were such a big time gold-digger until it was too late. Anyway,die slow. you're less than nothing to me. For you it's....MOS DEF-"U R THE ONE"  

We lived at the same apartment complex for a few years. I'll never forget that first bubble bath we shared. Even though you were a former nurse you spent a lot of time in the hospital for a respiratory problem. I spent a lot of time there with you holding your hand. I was the first man you were intimate with in several years so you had a sweet innocence about you, similar to the innocence of a virgin. Making love to you was pure bliss but for some reason you became uninterested after a while and never said why. I put a lot more into the relationship than i got out of it. You stopped calling and so did i. MANHATTANS-"LET'S JUST KISS AND SAY GOODBYE"


You were the last woman i dated. Well,we didn't really date,we were just having some fun since we were both pretty much single. You were going through a divorce and you warned me not to catch any feelings for you because you no longer trusted men. No problem,especially since Danielle took away any desire to give myself to any woman ever again, or so i thought. You were so beautiful and we were so full of passion that i was sure i could make you fall in love with me. Wrong!  When you told me you wanted to "date" other men i had to kick you to the curb. That really hurt me. We did have a great time in Vegas though. P.S.. don't spend all my money in one place.   for you it's CARL THOMAS-"I WISH"    

I could go on but i think you get the point. After Toni i've since taken a Christian way of life where i've enjoyed being single and celibate. I've learned to respect myself again and the blessings have been immeasurable. This was LONG overdue. Why didn't i think of this sooner? I guess "wishful thinking" was more like "crash & burn".  The nightmare is over,              for now.  I think at this point i deserve a song. BOB MARLEY-"NO WOMAN NO CRY"


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  1. This is so dope! Oh my God, really poignant and so full of emotion. I love it!