Diggers Delight - Darrell D's Rap/R & B Tees

Being the collector that I am, it is only right that I share a small portion of my rap concert tour t-shirts and a few other collectable tees I have. These are some of my rarest gems that I've acquired over the years and some hold a lot of value.

Soon after the passing of Jam Master Jay, Adidas released a limited amount of tribute Superstar sneakers that Jay's own sons had a hand in designing. They were limited to 5000 pairs worldwide and were only released in Tokyo Japan and New York City. I just happened to be in NYC and treated myself to 2 pairs. The shirt pictured here was also available in limited quantities and  accompanied the sneakers. Yep, got 2 of those too. I actually have never seen anyone else with this tee which makes it even more of a collectable.

Autographed flavor!

As you can already tell, i'm a huge RUN-DMC fan. This concert tee was from 2000, the very last time RUN-DMC performed here in Phoenix. It was a full house at the America West Arena downtown. No disrespect to anyone else on the bill but all I cared about was seeing RUN_DMC & Jam Master Jay!! They performed mid-show and when they were done, I left.  It was still a good line-up though.

Slum Village was also on this tour.

Bought this in 2006, the last time Mr. Brown came to town. Read more about that show here.

Maybe it's just me but there's something cool about how cheap some of these concert tees were produced. Erykah never disappoints and I check for here as much as possible. This shirt was from the "Mama's Gun" tour. Classic!

No i'm not an Aerosmith fan, I simply wanted this shirt because this was the very last tour that RUN-DMC was a part of. Sadly, they had to leave the tour due to the death of Jam Master Jay. He passed 2 weeks before they were supposed to perform in Phoenix.

Super rare joint from the mid 80's.

From the 1988 Dope Jam Tour that had a line-up that was insane!! Check it out here.

More autographed heat!


  1. WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Heaters. That Eric & Ra Paid In Full though.