Raps Greatest Top 3 featuring Chino D

I met Chino D soon after I moved to Phoenix in late 1998. We been tight every since. This Zulu King, MC, producer, B-Boy, & car hustler hails from the Bronx and has rocked the stage with me many MANY times. Chino and I share a love for New York rap from the 80's so it was only right that I check for his top 3 rap songs of all time.

In no particular order and too many to smash 3 but here ya go. 

Games People Play - Sweet G

This record was just so fresh at the time it came out with the verses as well as the hook. Still relevant today, actually saw Sweet G perform this at EZ Skates in Da Bronx...... Man till this day it reminds me of summertimes in New York. 

Adventures Of Super Rhyme - Jimmy Spicer

One of the greatest story telling songs ever to this day. The cadence, patterns and styles were flawless on this joint right here. Took the A and B side to do the whole song lol. Definitely timeless again. And if I’m not mistaken (and I could be, but I also believe Jimmy was part latino).

On The Radio - Crash Crew

I know I keep going back to the 80’s but MAN that was/is one of my favorite eras... I was THERE for this era. Anyway “On The Radio” has that dope sample and “Crash Crew” was dope at exchanging flows, harmonizing etc (Cold Crush Brothers definitely had a huge influence). This is another one of those reminiscent songs of New York summers. Everybody’s Boom Boxes were ROCKING this at the parks while us B-Boys got down to it. 

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