Vinyl Shop Spotlight-Peoples Records

 Just got back from a trip to the midwest and got to do some diggin at some serious vinyl spots. The first on my list to spotlight is Peoples Records in Detroit. Now with 2 locations, this spot is unstoppable. Peoples Records is absolutely my favorite spot for 45's. My first visit there about 4-5 years ago turned up 2 copies of Black Nasty "Party on 4th St" for $3.00 each. I also saw multiple copies of every Meters 45,every Dennis Coffy 45, every P-Funk 45, every Dyke & the Blazers 45, & more breaks on 45 then I have ever seen in any record store I have ever been in. Most of these 45's were between $1-$2 each. Plus, I've never seen so many local people walk into a record store with records to sell. In fact,on my first visit there, within the first 2 hours, 6 people walked in with records to sell. I've even heard Dj's like Jazzy Jeff and Kid Capri mention this spot. But don't worry,they have serious volume!  You can thank me later.

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