Beat Swap Meet L.A. Recap

 This record show/hip-hop event  never disappoints. I had a great time hangin out with the real heads and meeting some cool people. Lots of serious vinyl dealers and also a serious stash of rap cassettes and mixtapes were everywhere. There were 3 Dj set-up's of live mixing and scratch sessions, and the B-Boy battle was hosted on the turntables by none other than Arabian Prince from N.W.A.  John Robinson, Egypitan Lover, myself, and Planet Asia rocked the stage and Lonzo from the World Class Wreckin Cru was selling copies of his new book N.W.A. (Not Without Alonzo). Can't wait for the next show!

This is Robby Utmos. He's the creator of the Beat Swap Meet. He's a big deal.

John Robinson

Lonzo,First Klass,Arabian Prince,& Egyptian Lover

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