Milwaukee Gets The Royal Treatment From Public Enemy & Friends

As I began to put this post together I noticed that there was no name to this all-star rap tour on my ticket stub from the show. Some internet research uncovered that the big tour that P.E. did in 1991, the year in question, was titled the "Bring The Noise" tour which featured Anthrax & Primus. This was not the tour that hit Milwaukee and definitely not the show I attended. Upon further inspection I found out that the Milwaukee show was not actually a part of the "Bring The Noise" tour and actually took place after that tour was over.  So, instead of a few rock groups, the Milwaukee line-up went a lil somethin like this:

Henry G & Evil E

Pretty cool huh? How or why we (those of us in Milwaukee at the time) were so lucky to get such a great show & line-up eludes me. In fact, the only other city that year that had a similar line-up was Worcester, MA (Dec 22nd 1991) which consisted of P.E., A Tribe Called Quest, Naughty By Nature, Geto Boys, Kid N Play, Queen Latifah, D.J. Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince, Oaktown 357, & Leaders Of The New School,   dig that.    
Many tours back in the 80's did not have a headliner because most rap groups were pretty evenly yoked in terms of talent, radio play, & record sales or in other words, rap was HUGE and fans like myself couldn't get enough. This show was explosive to say the least. They don't make tours like this anymore.

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