Crates Records 2 Yr Anniversary Jam Recap In Pictures

The day started with the "Darrell D Record Swap Meet" & Bar-B-Q.

While we were outside slingin records, these guys were inside on the decks.

Make no mistake, the computer was only there to record the sets. This was strictly a vinyl only party!

We finished the day with an all-star line-up of talent. Check it out.


Darrell D

Dj Swamp, FatLip, Dj Twist, Sergio

It was a good day. Can't wait for the next one.

I would like to give a super special shout-out to this lovely lady right here.  This is Tianne Pitz. She is responsible for all of the pictures on this post as well as many others she has contributed to past posts. Thanks Tianne!!!

You can check her blog out here.


  1. It was an amazing day and night. Full of great food, great music, good food and so much more! I appreciate you very much my friend and it is my pleasure as always to capture those moments. Keep being cool man