Diggers Delight - Darrell D

Well whatdoyaknow, it's looks like yours truly is in the spotlight for this episode of "Diggers Delight"! I'm going to call this part 1 because I got a lot of cool stuff to show you but this will be a good start.

Here's a small portion of my Fat Albert toy collection. Most of this stuff came out in the 70's of course (peep the crazy Fat Albert toothbrush!), but the larger figures were released pretty recently. There are still a few pieces I'm looking for so the search continues….

These pics were taken during a visit from some of the my record homies. Tige Fresh, Drunk Jeff,  & Dj Organic always wild out when they come thru.

This picture says a lot.  Pictured at the top is some of my many autographed rap record covers. As you can see, I really dig collecting action figures too. Many are from my childhood years that I didn't have the opportunity to own then so I continue to hunt them down now. The Mego brand produced some really ill figures, the band KISS being at the top of the list. I also own the Starsky & Hutch figures, the Welcome Back Kotter figures, Star Trek, and some DC & Marvel figures which include a mint condition Falcon in the box.  

This is about half of my mixtape collection. All rap related and most are from New York but they also include a nice amount from L.A. including classics from the Roadium Swap Meet, the midwest (Milwaukee and Chicago area) which include mixes from Rock Dee and the Cash Money Brothers, Japan & Europe, and a few hundred Stretch & Bobbito radio show tapes.     

Part 2 coming soon!

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