Recent Digs! Amazing Spiderman #1!

Score! Never did I think that this mag would ever be a part of my collection. This isn't the kind of book you have the luck of finding at the local Goodwill or in a box at the flea market. This story is a bit more interesting. My sister, who lives in Georgia, calls me one day to tell me about an incident that happened at her friends newly purchased house. It wasn't a "new" house, just new to her friend. During the home inspection, a leak in the kitchen ceiling was discovered and after a few more weeks the ceiling fell and a number of contents fell with it. There was an antique silver coffee pot collection, some old Tupperware, several old postal mail bags, and about a dozen old comic books including this rare gem!

It's a little beat-up and I'm not sure what the value is on it at the moment but I plan on adding it to my already large comic book collection. I guess dreams do come true!

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  1. You should take it with you the next time you go to buy comics from Ed. Heh heh.