Tools Of War-2015 Recap

Blast from the recent past. These are some pics from my incredible July 2015 visit to the Tools Of War Crotona Park Jams.

Christie Z-Pabon along with husband Popmaster Fabel Pabon makes these incredible park jams possible. Thank you!

Lord Finesse & Darrell D

BreakBeat Lou & Pow Wow

Large Pro

BreakBeat Lou, Biz, Kenny Dope

Biz loves the kids!

Louie Loo

Rockin Rob & Chuck City

K-Def, Lil Rodney C, & Special K

Caz & Kool Herc

Louie Loo & Solo Flex

Rockin Rob & BreakBeat Lou

Louie Loo, WaterBed Kev, Darrell D, & Kool Herc
photo #5 courtesy of mambos nuyotopia.

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