2016 Crotona Park Jams Recap-Pt.1


Here is part 1 of a review in pictures of the July 21st park jam.

This Is Christine Z and Popmaster Fabel Pabon. They are the creators of the Tools Of War Crotona Park Jams. They are a Big Deal.

Kevie Kev Rockwell 

Ken Swift

Fabel,Red Alert,& Ken Swift

PopMaster Fabel & Lil Lep

Joe Conzo & Coke La Rock

Red Alert

Ty Boogie & Rockin Rob

WaterBed Kev 

Coke La Rock

Jazzy Jay

Mean Gene

Dj Grand Dragon K.D.

GrandMaster Caz

Louie Loo

Mr. Biggs

BreakBeat Lou

Kool Herc & Coke La Rock

J-Blast & Ken Swift

Caz & Biz

Mighty Mike C

Icky C

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  1. This is rad, Darrell D !! I love all your articles. Some originators of hip hop right here, that's beautiful.