Merry Christmas?

Why judge what someone else does, when God is judging you? The celebration of ''birthdays'' and Christmas are both of pagan origin. No one in the Bible celebrated a birthday except pagans. Did you ever read of Jesus parents or the apostles celebrating Jesus' birthday or theirs? Your 'birthday' is the day you were born. When one marries, a year later it's not their wedding day, it's the anniversary. Christmas, if it were Christian would most definitely be about you, not the children, These children don't have the slightest notion of Jesus. '' For the children'' is an excuse for all the office parties and all the drinking, gluttony and festivities that are common.. God didn't tell us when Jesus was born because it was only important to his parents. Two years ago Twenty inches of snow was dumped on Jerusalem in the first week of January. Bethlehem is six miles from Jerusalem. Does it seem likely people would be ordered to travel, many on foot in that season? The sheep are brought down from the highland pastures no later than Oct 15th, to be put in shelters for the winter. Hence, no need for shepherds in Dec. The wise men, aka astrologers were hundreds of miles from Bethlehem on the night Jesus was born. A camel can travel about 35 miles in a day. The scriptures tell us that they found '' the young child in a house'', and not in Bethlehem. They gave him their gifts but got nothing in return, as was the custom when honoring an important person. There were no trees, holly, mistletoe, brightly colored decorations or any of the trappings of a pagan holiday, at that time. God did give us the exact date of his death, and we were told to observe it. Man saw fit to change the date so it always falls on a Friday, so there can be another day off from work. This is as senseless as celebrating Thanksgiving. Do we really need the government to set aside a day for us to be thankful for all our blessings? We don't need to be thankful on the other 364? In addition, Do we need to lie to our children by telling them that Santa brings them gifts and covers the whole world in one night powered only by flying reindeer. Or that a rabbit who gives live birth, lays brightly colored eggs for us on Easter, a word not found in the Bible? Before criticizing others examine yourself. We all have an accounting with the Supreme Judge of us all, in the not too distant future.

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