Thank You Phase 2!

It was around 1999 that I saw Phase 2 "The Roxy" 12" on vinyl. The cover (pictured above) had a super old school grimey NYC flavor to it.  I thought to myself, "I will not stop digging until I find this record".  It wasn't until several years later that I finally got my hands on a copy, I think I found it in New York but can't quite remember.  Fast forward to 2013 and I'm in New York hanging out at the crib of the homie J-Blast and I see a poster (pictured below) of one of the earliest, if not the first, hip hop tours to hit Europe called,  "NEW YORK CITY RAP".  The line-up on this tour alone sent me into minor shock. 

Fast forward (once again) to 2017 and I'm in New York hanging out with the homie J-Blast again and we're walking around the lower east side and J runs into one of his homies on the street. After their greetings, J turns to me and says, "Darrell, I want you to meet Phase 2".  "WHAT?!", I shout! I was shook for a second. He shook my hand and all I could think about was ,"How can I hang out with this guy for awhile" so I just said, "Hey, you guys hungry? Let's get some food, my treat". They agreed and we went around the corner to 2nd Ave & St. Nicks to my favorite burger spot called Paul's Burger Joint. We sat and ate and of course I mentioned the "Roxy" record to him and Phase told me all about his rap career as well as him being a dancer, graffiti artist, b-boy, flier king,  man this guy has done it all! The crazy thing is that at the time I only knew him to be an MC. It wasn't until I told several homies that I hung out with him that they schooled me on what a legend he is and how rare this meeting was. John (J-Blast) later told me that Phase 2 thought I was a cool dude and enjoyed our conversation and that he was making some artwork for me. Sadly, I never received it, but I'm happy I got to hang out with a legend of our hip-hop culture & one of the illest flier kings and graffiti artists in the world.  Thank You Phase 2!   


  1. Man, I knew about the tour (they also went to Japan, too), but I've never seen the poster before anywhere. Those logos are dope!

    (Thanks for the memories, Phase 2)

  2. Hi Darrell D,
    You're right, this New York City Rap was the first Hip Hop tour in Europe.
    Many people in England, Germany and France discovered the entire Hip Hop culture with it. The tour was organise by the french guys (Jean Karakos and Bernard Zekri) who owned Celluloid Records which produced Phase 2 record.
    I'm leaving in Paris France, the tour was a revelation for a part of the youth who saw it, they spread it in the french hood. That's how the french Hip Hop culture was born.
    Peace and thank you for your good work.

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    1. thanks Somy! i wish i could have experienced that tour as well. Phase was a really cool soft spoken individual. i'm glad i got a chance to meet him.