Vinyl Destination 45 Tour Phoenix 2019

By now i'm sure you've heard that Jazzy Jeff & Dj Scratch are currently on a 45 vinyl tour. Here are some picture highlights from the Phoenix(Glendale) show.

Big ups to local 45 king Dj Melo for opening up the show...

Dj Koco absolutely destroyed his 45 set. This guy definitely took the crown that night.

By the way, superman record dealer Gene Brown was in the spot slingin that black crack and yep, I took a hit!

Tige Fresh & Dj Scratch

Ruthless Ramsey gives Scratch a few 45's to look out for.

Akshen & Tige celebrating the gems they just copped.

Dj Reflection

B-Boy House
DN3 & Reflection choppin it up

Jeff & Scratch

It was a special treat to see Nu-Mark perform


  1. Wow !!! Great post on the blog! Awesome pics!!!

  2. This is dope! Thanks for sharing