HUSH Hip-Hop Tours NYC

 It's been a few years since i've been on a Hush tour but if you haven't been on one I would strongly recommend it. To be clear, the Hush tours are scenic journeys through New York City where you visit historical areas of rap, graffiti, and b-boy culture. And for extra credit, the tours are hosted by various legends of Hip-hop. Learn more about them here.  I've been on 3 of these over the years, the first being hosted by Grandmaster Caz and the following 2 hosted by JDL. Check out some of the highlights.

The "Carter" from New Jack City-Harlem

Queens studio where Jam Master Jay was killed

LL Cool J's grandparents home in Hollis Queens where he grew up and started his rap career.

LL's original "Audi 5000"


This is Andrew Jackson High School, pictured on LL Cool J's second Lp Bigger And Deffer. We just drove past so I had to take a quick pic. 

Harlem World

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