Champ Styles Sticker Showgun Recap

Another incredible graffiti sticker show hosted by Lulu Bell Toy Bodega brought together both street art and sticker fans alike. The turnout was great and the beats were flowing(I need to start recording my sets for you guys). Thanks goes out to the entire Champ Styles Crew and Lulu's for another banger!


Special shouts to Tianne Pitz for contributing some of these photos!


  1. It was a great show with AMAZING talent displayed while the music kept us moving on a chilly night!! Thanks for showcasing community events and always supporting. You are the best!

  2. Thank you for blessing the crowd with that Cosmic Slop DJ Darrell D!

  3. Later for the "slaps." My butt wouldn't have known how to act right if I walked up and saw that Godzilla Shogun Warrior sittin' on the table. That baby str8 would'a been walkin' (or runnin') out of there with me. That's the toy that I didn't get as a kid that I desperately, DESPERATELY wanted. I literally had dreams about that toy in the months leading up to Christmas. So it's prolly a good thing I wasn't there...