Tools Of War Crotona Park Jams 2018 Recap Pt.2


Here we go with part 2 of the recap of the 2018 Tools Of War Park Jams which took place at Crotona Park in the boogie down Bronx! This was the finale show that once again showcased some of hip-hop's greatest. It never ceases to amaze me how so many legends of hip-hop culture can be in one place. Special thanks to Christie Zee, Popmaster Fabel, and the friends of Crotona Park for another great event.

Lil Rodney C(Funky 4+1) & Percee P

L.A. Sunshine
(Treachous Three)

Busy Bee & Mean Gene

Dj Johnny Juice

Breakbeat Lou

Popmaster Fabel

Lil Rodney c & T Ski Valley

Rockin Rob, Biz, & Breakbeat Lou

Old School Represent!

Dj Rockin Rob

Mr. Biggs
(Soul Sonic Force)

Dj Hollywood & Busy Bee
Reggie Reg
(Crash Crew)

Mix Master Ice (U.T.F.O.) & Grandmaster Caz
Dj Grand Dragon K.D.

The Legendary Twins
Dj Dre Mayes

Mighty Mike C
(Fearless 4)
& daughter

Bonz Malone

Debbie D
(Us Girls)

Louie Loo, Undercover Brother, & Breakbeat Lou

Coke La Rock

GrandWizzard Theodore

"It Was A Good Day" (Ice Cube voice)


  1. Wow @ the Twins being there. That's what's up!

    1. they actually are sponsors of the park jams so they are always in attendance.

  2. Thank you so much Brother! This is awesome!!!!
    Thank you as always for supporting!