Raps Greatest Top 3 featuring M.Fasis

Straight out of Jersey is producer/record pro/dj  M.Fasis. This guy never ceases to amaze me with the records in his collection. We have gone digging together several times and he constantly pulls heat,….constantly. As a fellow connoisseur of rap music, it was only right that I find out what his top 3 rap songs of all time are.

Top three? hmmm...okay. Three of many.  Was about to go into albums lol. 

1)’Peter Piper’ by Run DMC

 I gotta say’s the one that did it for me. my mom’s (police) graduation and had just bought a copy of ‘Tougher Than Leather’ from the one of the cassette dealers in the city and popped it in the car afterwards. heard the rhymes which at the time to me i thought they were a bit advanced. and those bells and drums were basic yet effective as f*ck. at that point i said to myself, ‘yeah, i wanna be a part of this right here’. incredible undeniable classic. 

2) ‘The Choice is Yours’ by Black Sheep.

You already know. Once that bass line kicked in i knew this will be one of those songs that stays in the brain and will always be a certified head banger. crazy too, digging from back in the day i remember finding that bass line and was floored speechless because coming across that requires listening, and i mean LISTENING.

3) Pete Rock & CL Smooth-‘Escapeism’

Off the Main Ingredient Lp. Killer KILLER track with Pete spitting over his own beat, this ill bass line (in case you haven’t noticed i love me a dope bass line along with drums of course) with these crazy horns he drops sparingly to keep it interesting and for the hook there are these slowed down muddy vocals that add even more character to the track as a whole.

but yeah, that’s the three out of three hundred million lol. no doubt my brother, peace! 

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