Tool Of War 2017 Park Jams Recap

It was business as usual at this years Tools Of War Crotona Park Jams. Hip Hop royalty was everywhere, lots of "out-of towners" and fans from other countries, and a massive sound system supplied by none other than the original Dj Jazzy Jay! I was at the July 20th & 27th shows. Here are some highlights.
I was ready for action. OK, Let's Go!
This is the woman who makes this all possible.
Thank You Christie Z!
Mike C & Rockin Rob

                                                                    Me & KK Rockwell
                                                                      (Double Trouble)
Mista Sinista
Dj Hollywood

T Ski Valley, Coke La Rock, Imperial JC

Easy AD & Rockin Rob

Dj Cheese

Jazzy Joyce
Soul Sonic Force

Spivy & Rockin Rob 

Red Alert
Dj BreakOut

Jazzy Jay

Joe Conzo

GrandMaster Caz

Looie Loo

T Ski Valley & J-Blast 

PopMaster Fabel

Pow Wow
Soul Sonic Force

Waterbed Kev, Coke La Rock,& The Twins

Tony Tone
Cold Crush Brothers

Kevie Kev
Fantastic Freaks

Mista Sinista

Thank You Christie Z!

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