here's the video that started it all. we shot this back in 2010. here's an interview i did with my friend kid dyno over at the "daily diggers" blog about why i did the film. enjoy! (the video shown is the youtube 6 minute version. see the entire video at

Here's what DARRELL had to say about the inspiration behind making the film...

"Thanks for all the kind words Dyno! What I pursued most on this video was to capture stories that you never really get to hear from diggers. I have seen a lot of vinyl videos over the years and everyone pretty much says the same thing. And you never hear the "BIG" name diggers get very deep with their vinyl finds or stories. I made this video because of a lack of what I saw on other videos. On this video you get a lot more than usual. I am by no means a video professional in any way but I think it came out pretty well. ORGANIC, who appears on the video, produced all the music on the video.
Yeah, my collection is pretty nice (if I do say so myself) but the crazy thing is... all of my vinyl buddies (including you guys over there) all have nice size collections yet we all have tons of records that the others don't. So believe me when I say that I would be all over your collection like you would mine!

As far as myself, I'm just a vinyl junkie like everyone else. It really seems like a sickness (how can someone love vinyl so much???!!!!). I've been a dj since 1986 and a collector since 1992. I did a TV show about DJs on public access television in milwaukee,wi from 1996-1998 which featured many local and well known DJs. I moved to phoenix,az in 1998 which is still my home today.

(Photo below of DARRELL and GRANDMASTER CAZ). Red beans and rice came about like this......
I love watching videos about digging on the internet. Sites like youtube, cratekings,etc. the problem was that all the videos were only a few minutes long and i always wanted to see a lot more. So I decided to do my own video and make it an hour long so people could really sit back and enjoy it( while maybe eating some popcorn!) I knew I would be traveling all around the United States last summer so I took my camera along and started filming. I wanted diggers to tell me about the first record they bought,interesting digging stories(good or bad) and cool finds. I wanted collectors to dig into their collections and share some personal thoughts and feelings.
Thanks for your interest in red beans and rice!"

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