Beastie Sauce!

Have you been looking for the perfect hot sauce for your catfish and baked chicken? Well look no further! 

The makers of Hanna's Chocolate Lemonade & Dave's Pickled Snack Cakes brings you the official Beastie Boys Hot Sauce!     It's spicy!  It's tangy!  It's hot!  It's delicious! And now it's available in fine grocery stores & flea markets near you! 

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Recent Digs - Ghost Of Eastside Records


Did some diggin recently over at Eastside Records a.k.a. Ghost Of Eastside a.k.a. Double Nickels Records Collective and came across this cool early release from Dj Rectangle on Z Rock Records.

As if finding this record for $3.00 wasn't cool enough, it had this cool piece of artwork inside of the sleeve!  Not sure who the artist is/was but this will be a part of my permanent art collection!

Make It A Life Worth Living


   At the beginning of the 2019 pandemic shut-down, I called everyone I knew who didn't own a car to make sure they were stocked up on food and water. You were the first person I called. Sadly you didn't answer. I called the second phone number I had for you but it was disconnected. After several attempts I concluded that you changed your numbers again. I also had a few topics of conversation I wanted us to engage in. Sadly, that too never happened. If there is one thing I can say about you it is that you were a Warrior. A survivor. I simply can't believe that you are gone. You were the heart of downtown Phoenix. It feels dead now and will obviously never be the same. I know that you are only sleeping so until we meet again, rest peacefully.

   This Saturday I will attempt to play some records in your memory. Your friend and brother, Darrell D.


Funk Mondays f/ The Phoenix Funkeros & Darrell D

 You can still check out the all vinyl mixes on!

The real star of the show was this beautiful carrot cake which was homemade by the lovely Ms. Raquel!

Pictures courtesy of Tianne Pitz